johnSince 1974, I have enjoyed the art of photography. It began for me by attending photography school at B.O.C.E.S. I, II & III in New York. It has been my privilege to be a part of many, many types of events. I was fortunate to work with experienced professionals like Frank Joseph and Tony Cipola. These gentlemen specialized in wedding photography and each week we had multiple assignments throughout Long Island and Brooklyn, N.Y. They taught me the necessary skills nd habits of being prepared and always respect for the client. I experienced people from many cultures, of diverse religions, languages and customs.

By 1978, I was freelancing and working with John Woodward as an assistant photographer for Major League Baseball's NY Yankees. This was a dream come true, because I had always enjoyed baseball and it was a true joy to be around the All-American game.

In 1980, I was working with more corporate clients, and aerial photography was my specialty with the rapid growth in residential and commercial property in Florida. I still enjoyed the fun of weddings and the happy celebrations of the anniversaries. In 1980, was the first time I was hired to do videotaping of corporate events and parties. It was the early days of providing Wedding videos, award ceremonies, corporate instructional tapes for meetings and theatrical performances and events.

My Daughter, Tiara was born in 1990 and everything for me changed, suddenly I realized the magnatude of capturing the memories and events that shape our lives. As she grew I knew the historical importance of images for the benefit of future generations. Every gymnastic event, dance and piano recital, Karate practice and awards graduation had to be preserved
so that we could recall her achievements.

Photos and Videos are the only way we have to look into our past.

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