Q. How much deposit do you require?
A. I require a minimum of $100.00 to reserve your date.

Q. When is the balance due?
A. The balance is due on or before your event day.

Q. Will you take any "candid" photographs for us?
A. Absolutely, most of the photographs taken during the reception are candid.

Q. Can you do black & white for us?
A. Yes, any of the images can be printed in black and white.

Q. Will you take photographs at my home, while we are preparing for the day.
A. Certainly, I usually start once your make-up is complete and you are dressed.

Q. How about engagement photographs before our wedding?
A. I am happy to arrange with you to take engagement photographs and provide you images
that you might want to submit to the newspaper or display on your wedding day.

Q. Do you do videography as well?
A. I can do both, but not at the same time.
If I am photographing, then I bring a videographer with me and we coordinate our efforts.
When I am the videographer, then I coordinate with another photographer.

Q. Do you book any other events that day?
A. NO - ABSOLUTELY NOT! I don't believe it is fair to either party, because my experience is that
many event tend to run over and I do not want to be in a position where I have to leave early.
I have built my reputation for over 30 years by arriving early and completing all the images that are necessary.

Q. How long after the wedding will we see our photographs?
A. Generally, I like to deliver your Photo book within 3-4 weeks.

Q. Do you have any advice for us?
A. Drink plenty of water so your skin will look fresh.
Delegate as much as possible because eveyone will want to spend time with you.
The week before your wedding, get plenty of rest each night, you'll want to look your best.
Enjoy yourselves, if your guests see you having a good time, then they will have a good time too.
Celebrate Two People Starting A New Life Together.

904- 759-5566
E-Mail : TiaraPhoto@aol.com

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